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The Official G2D Thread

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    Originally posted by Mattetch View Post
    Very true mista_Flash, meh... It's a classic engine and really can't be compared to a thing else as nothing is like it.

    Gotta really know your vintage engines to make one shine, it's no challenge to me as I have a ton of background in them and work in a machine shop, a modern head kit would make it competitive as well as a decent porting job...something I will do within reason as I'm not out to build a race engine.

    The sound of a tuned g2d is amazing though...
    HOw much is it to port a G2D engine? roughly


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      Originally posted by killawhale View Post
      [ATTACH=CONFIG]6220[/ATTACH] I rebuilt this motor from and old sport i bought on craigslist a few months ago. It runs nice.
      What type of cylinder head is that? Ive been looking for it