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Basic carb setting guide

This is a sticky topic.
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    gaskets are good... if i take a flat head screwdriver and back out the whole jet it will start to run better and i can take the choke off,,, i just spent an hour getting glue out of jet.. there is a tiny needle that i can now unscrew out and it is like 1 inch long with a spring on the thread side.. this is the high speed needle that runs down the center of carb into a white plastic tube...if you unscrew this needle it lets more gas out , if you screw it in you get less gas out when you twist the throttle open,, this is to make it richer or leaner,,,some carbs they glue this so you cant adjust,, other carbs have a plastic plug you can remove,,, so I am getting somewhere now,,, still have the question about 15mm carb working cause pulse holes dont line up on intake,, so do i need the 15mm intake and gaskets ??? I just spoke with a guy at MONSTERSCOOTER.COM and he was confused... he first said that 15mm carb should bolt right on and work fine,,,you will get more power.... then after i explained the pulse holes in fifferent location he said I might need 15mm intake to work,,, plus the bigger 15mm hole on the carb would overlap the hole in the 11mm intake ,,,right ??? has anyone done a carburetor size upgrade like this ???


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      I think everyone would appreciate it if you didn't spam multiple threads with the same question.


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        sorry man.. this is my first time doing a forum... i got confused on it... figured it out how to post the right way,,,, forgive me buddy,,, wont happen again,,my bad,,,,but can you help my question problem


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          What I would do is try the new carburetor that you ordered with your current intake manifold. If the engine won't start or you are experiencing problems that you didn't have before, then buy the bigger manifold, install it, and see if it solves your problem.