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  • juice box problem

    I just got done installing a juice box on my tanaka 40cc, i removed the brown piece in the back and put on the plastic piece that came with the juice box. I then installed the juice box, and then i put the carb back on. I used all the new gaskets and bolts that came with it. Now when i start it up it runs for like a second, it sounds like it revs a lil high, then just stalls out. Anyone know what the problem could be?

    Btw everything on my bladeZ moby xl is stock except for the juice box.

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    I'd bet 100% that your gaskets are either on backwards, or the pulse hole isnt lining up. Most likely the gaskets.

    Take them off and be sure that the pulse hole and gaskets are lining up.


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      I bet it is the Pulse hole. Did You install everyting tightly?
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