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ss27rc? sk27rc?

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  • ss27rc? sk27rc?

    whats the difference between the ada ss27rc and the sk27rc???
    SPORT:stalker exhaust, k&n filter, SK27RC.
    honda 400ex: piped, chipped and ported for glamis!!!

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    lol the hookupz guy would be making fun of u for this
    to goped.... or not to goped.... that is the question


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      There is no difference. Sikk toys and Superior use the same factory.
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      2002 Super X Ped w/
      -G230RC, BBK, Meyer 1mm Stroker, ADA S1, TGN chrome fancover/scoop, tgn chrome shroud, tgn flame filter, HP Carb(Wa 167), .800 long drive, ADA Chrome 3rd bearing, ET Stem, ADA 16" Bars, Chrome Slidetube, Steel FTG, Lexan Deck, GetAPed Red Tank skin, Competitor rims


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        Originally posted by Masta Z
        There is no difference. Sikk toys and Superior use the same factory.
        you are 100% correct
        i loved stitch last night


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          About the 27cc's

          The 27cc engines that both companies sell were released by the engine company that makes the Superior Engines. The difference is that this engine was made without any input from Superior. Things like piston design and cylinder thickness etc were not called out by us. That is why we do not sell it as a Superior Product, but offer it to our customers to be competitive in the market place. We would have had to test it extensively before putting the Superior name on that product. We have not done that, as the engine has not proven itself yet. We are particularly waiting to see what happens in the summer when the weather turns hotter. That engine package is already stretched close to its limits in the 34mm bore size. I remember the first day that the Zenoah 260's were raced professionally in Phoenix. It was over 100 degrees. 50 percent of the engines seized under those conditions. The proper piston shape and design is critical in a situation like this. You can only stretch an envelope so far before reliability becomes a factor.
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