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Porting my 35cc tanaka

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  • Porting my 35cc tanaka

    I have a 35cc BladeZ. I have supped it up to go about 40 MPH. I am not sure what porting does, but I would like to know. Would it make me faster? Is it worth porting a 35cc Tanaka? If it is worth it, where are some places in the SF Bay Area that I can get it done? Thanks to all that Help.

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    Of you have a Tanaka 35 that does 40 then I am impressed.
    I sure would like to know what mods you did to make it go that fast WITHOUT porting!

    But, as far as porting goes, the best places I know (and trust) are in the Orange County and San Diego areas. Sometimes you just have to go with reputable KNOWLEDGEABLE engine builders.


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      The mods that I have done to my scooter are, I ordered the HP carb from ADA, I have put the Head kit from ADA on it, and I have put the pipe from ADA on it, and I have a high performance air filter on it. I run 110 octane in it, and I was clocked by a Police officer here where I live. Luckly he didnt give me a ticket, he thought it cool, and said that I had to slow down. The next thing I am going to add to my scooter is the Advanced Timming key from ADA. Its already on order. I cant wait to see if I can get some more speed out of it. I still have to find a place around here to Port it.


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        Timing Key

        Hey there Speed Deamon,

        Well I got some bad news for you and that timinmg key. They are NOT reccomended for Tanaka engines at all. I know this for fact because I have tried them myself. Then AFTER expierencing troubles talking with Tanaka engine reps directly. I too thought that for $7 it was a greatr hop up.

        With the RPM ramge limits the Tanaka's have on the Big Boy/BladeZ as geared, you cant get them into the RPM range where they become effective, an in the lower RPM band they actyally become detrimental. Heck man I have one here I'd give away.

        S'all good if you need to try it for yourself though, be ready for 2 things:

        1 INCREASED temps
        2 Fouled plugs

        They are intended for the Zenoah and Superior motors for the reason that they have a much higher RPM range.


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          The Timing key that I purchased was made for the tanaka engine. ADA just came out with it like 2 days ago. Thanks for the info though, if it starts becoming a prob, then I will take it off.
          GO BIG OR GO HOME!!


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            So does anyone know where I can get my engine ported in the bay area????
            GO BIG OR GO HOME!!


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              Send it south...

              I'm tellin ya the best motor guys are in the Orange County, San Diego areas....


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                So do you know if they would let me ship it there, and do you know how long (a guess, I know it depends on how busy they are) it would take?
                GO BIG OR GO HOME!!


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                  Most shops (indcluding mine) do tons of work via shipping.

                  Most times its a 48~72 hr turnaround for porting.

                  All you usually have to send is the head which in itself is pretty light and wont cost a lot to ship.


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                    So how much does it usually cost to have a head ported?
                    GO BIG OR GO HOME!!