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carb settings???

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  • carb settings???

    can anyone tell me what the initial settings are on a walbro wyk-85-1? Looks to me that there are two screws for an adjustment! Here is a pic of it!

    I got my scooter back today and while i was riding it, the carb came loose. So i tightened it back down and it started idling real high (not normal). Anyone have any ideas what happened? One thing i can tell you is that the carb to manifold gasket is cut around one of the screw holes. Can that be it???? Intake leak????Please help!!!!
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    Well, that carb is not a WYK-85-1, but if you go to the actual carb kit for your application, there is a link to the instructions which tell the initial settings for the ADA 15mm HP carb.
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