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  • Which Oil?

    I will be purchasing an ADA Avenger scooter this year and I was wondering what is the best 2 cycle oil for the engine to use? I was looking at something along the line of a synthetic...

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    I've used Maxima Castor 927 for 3 years now without a problem. 100 octane with a 25:1 mix in any motor, g23lh- g230rc- g2dhp and even my old school g2d 1 hp. Never seized one or had any, and I mean any, carbon buildup.
    Keep in mind I live in Phoenix where it ain't hot unless it's over 110 degrees.
    Also I would not have any second thoughts about using Redline, another proven oil for peds.
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      This is not BS- I had to take this pic because it seemed unreal. Straight out of the jug of a rc after 6 gallons ( not tanks ) of Mobil 100 and 927. This was my son's rc and he never held back on it.
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        Yes castor 927 is an execelent oil.
        I like to use it for breaking in my parts.
        Then I run amsoil, 50:1, in my RC, G2d, and used to run it in my Lh.

        Im also in Phoenix, AZ.
        Ive never Seized any of My engines, even riding WOT durrin summer.
        Modded out Super x ped, G2d xped,
        Modded out Yamaha wave blaster, and a Stock Yamaha wave raider.
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          Yes castor 927 is an execelent oil.
          Best there is for 2 strokes!!!


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            caster oil 927 is the way to go

            but 25:1 is to rich
            jason from coast ped said for me to run a 40:1 he also said that he runs that on all his peds/race peds. so for me im going with jason
            to goped.... or not to goped.... that is the question