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g260rc and he26hp?

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  • g260rc and he26hp?

    ......yea i hear they are practially the same motor......well if they are "practically the same than whats really the differance or is there even a differance?
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    IMO, I believe the HE is a stronger motor, but thats just my opinion. One point that you canno't ignore is the price. The price is really affordable, thats the best part.
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      Both the same pretty much, one costs more, up to you really.


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        i think im goin to go with the hp
        03 bigfoot w/and lh,s2,800,airfilter.....soon to come gsr40


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          same, he is better because of the price, aND there the same, so why pay more?
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            Engine Differences

            There are some distinct engineering difference in the two engines. The Superior Engines are finished by heat treating the aluminum to max hardness. This results in more strength, ridgidity and threads that are not as likley to strip out. The HE26HP also has a better finish on the cylinder, as the finish is ID ground as opposed to the Zenoah being bored and honed. The HP has a rounder and straighter bore resulting in beter ring seal and ring life. The piston in the HP has a Cam/Taper Profile. The Zenoah is a less expensive totaly round piston. With cam and taper, there is a less likely chance for seizures from over heat or lean fuel mixtures. Add the price difference and it becomes a no brainer.
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