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I need some Major Help!

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  • I need some Major Help!

    Well I got my engine put back on my bigfoot after buying a new mount(the other one warrped)and buying a ne intake manifold from psws. It's the black heat isolating manifold thats sapossed to make my ped run better. Well im here to tell ya that my ped hardly runs. It takes about 15-20 pulls to get it started, and once i do get it started, i drive for about 10 minutes with some decent low=end, but then i have no topend and my engine sounds like its about to croak. I've tried to tune the high jet, but no luck, the low jet i think is ok but im not sure. I ve worked from the intial settings trying to get it to work. Im not sure if my carb is getting enough air, gas, kicking of a foot( just kidding i wudn't kick it) or i dunno its reallt getting very annoying after spending a ton of money and no performance. Anything above an idle while driving it dies. Any help would SO GREATLY be appreated. Some of the people with alot of experience and knowledge I hope you respond. Thanks in advance

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    not sure if youll like this advice but here goes. . . take it in to your local ped shop and have them fix it. it seems thats you have alot of money invested in it and if you dont know how to fix it yourself leave it to the pro! this is what i do when mine doesnt work, infact mines in for the weekend
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      Good advice Imbrdo8. I was on a ride yesterday with over 20 people, and although there were two scooter dealers, one particularly proficient race tuner, several professional ped racers and people from a highly reguarded aftermarket parts supplier, we still had major problems and breakdowns. We all got home, most under our own power, some at the end of a strap, others in a chase car. My point is that even VERY knowledgablwe people experience mysterious problems. Because you are admittadly inexperienced, take it to a shop, let the pros find your problem.
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        I figured it out

        Well I found at another message board about someone having problems getting gas to the engine. Someone replied and said that they should clean out the screen in their carb. I didn't know there was a little screen in the bottom of your hp carb where all the gas channels are. It was completly blocked by what looked like a hair ball. So i cleaned it out with carb cleaner and the air compressor and baby it runs now! I got back from about an hour long ride and im much happier. Thanks for your help.
        00 Bf -K&N Filter -HP carb -Advanced timing -X-port -ADA Gas Cap
        -ADA Tank Cover -ET Ripper Deck