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    Still Black stuff is coming out.... i cant even hit top i go like idleing and i dont even hit a powerband with s1 this is ticking me off and my go ped dealer that lives near me rips everyone off and the one that lives ina house near me does not respond "He said the Ada s1" came with weak bolts when i ordered it and gave it to him in the box to put on...... mabey that could be the probelm i need tunning and these gaskets were do i get them?

    -Go peds starting to "piss" me off-

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    I can't understand what you are saying, but I think I have an idea on what you are trying to say. Your pipe is leaking oil from your exhaust manifold? Simply buy some Ultra Black ( and apply it to where your pipe goes into your exhaust manifold. Let it dry for atleast 24 hours before you fire up your ped.
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