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Wanted: ADA G62 Juicebox

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  • Wanted: ADA G62 Juicebox

    This would be great!

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    Will ADA

    Will ADA make this and if so when.

    I had great results on G23 and G43 engines with the juice box.


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      Yes we have plans to do one. There are just a lot of other projects to finish up first. Probably get to one sometime this summer


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        I will certainly buy one!


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          Food for thought....

          A while back I was on a ride with a bunch of Bladez and there was a kid with a Mitsu 43 with a HP carb, Pipe, HP clutch spring, a Juice box mounted with the stock manifold and a home made boost bottle that conected to a fitting in the stock manifold. The bottle appeared to be at least twice the size of the cc. Now.....I have been around a lot of modified scooters and some very fast ones. But that unported stock Mitsu had the most INSTATANIOUS throttle response I have ever seen. And it hit a verifiable top speed of over 39 MPH. The point is that it has been sugested by some who are into various forms of racing that an affective Boost Bottle should be around TWICE the cc of the motor. This kids bottle had at least twice the cc of the motor, plus the volume of the Juice Box. It could be, like my wife says "Bigger IS Better"
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            hmmmm thats odd.
            Did it have an airleak? The throttle response would go to heck if it where running lean though...... Freaky
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