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  • help wit mods

    I have had this avenger for about 4 months and I was just wondering what people think bout it and what else could be put on it to make it look better(paint color,new engine parts,etc.) So jus tell me wat u think.

    I have:
    ss27rc (RC) Engine
    Juice box
    walboro wt (RC) Carb
    custom 800 spindle
    35mm 27cc BBk from Sikk toys
    sikk toy chrome race pipe
    Prowler rims
    chrome fan cover
    chrome airfilter
    gas cover (not shown)
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    new pipe,clean the ped its very dirty,get a chrome engine shroud, racing handel bars, cool, head headkit


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      that pipe is a bramd new pipe


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        Phat Boy Silencer

        One off these PhatBoys would look good and help to keep peds legal with that centerbleed. Nice scooter, clean it and post a pic with the tank cover.
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          I am getting it painted black and it cleaned then I will post a new pic.


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            I have problems with oil and dirt getting on the back of my engine and pipe how can I keep that from happenin


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              Wheres the Oil coming from?
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                You have enough form on there, time for some function.

                What's needed:
                RC Engine Shroud
                TGN Billet Linkage


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                  it seems like the oil is coming from the pipe (but i sealed it so give it sometime) and wat seems like above the fly wheel. Im getting an engine cover so hopefully it will help. I know i put to much sealer on it so i took it all off and put some new stuff on and it looks alot better. Also I ordered a new chrome frame, chrome cable clamp and the engine cover so as soon as all of this is on i will post new pics. Keep the advice coming.


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                    Originally posted by wimmig02
                    You have enough form on there, time for some function.

                    What's needed:
                    RC Engine Shroud
                    TGN Billet Linkage

                    I have an rc engine shroud put it was spray painted and has been cut a little but it still cover the engine so if u want it i will give it to u. Just tell me where u live and all u have to do is pay shipping. Where do u live send me an email at my moms email [email protected] .