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  • Any difference????

    I have a 40cc tanaka motor on my Bladez Comp and I was wondering if the ADA billet intake would make any difference? I currently have a Walbro WYK-85-1 carb on the stock intake it came with. Also, I'm pretty sure i have to purchase the intake heat spacer for it too right?? Do those two parts come with any gaskets or do i have to purchase the gasket kit also?
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    If your stock manifold is not opened up to match the larger diameter of the carb, then yes the billet manifold would help. All of those components are sold separately, including gaskets. They only come as a kit in the carb kits.
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      Brooks, stop being so modest!

      The ADA Set is DA BOMB for that motor... Perfectly matched ports and the new spacer as well as the billet manifold make for one very nice and VERY good performing set.

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