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  • attention racers:question?

    i have new stems and handlebars on order and i plan cutting my flybars down and installing them. before i started cutting, i wanted to take kind of a survey from ya'll out there who's racing, on how tall you are and how high it is from your bars to the ground? so.....if you have a little time on your hands and don't mind throwing a tape measure out and getting that distance from bars to grips to ground, i would TOTALLY appreciate it! also, include your heigth. again, this is to just get a rough idea of where i might be cutting mine. thanks!!

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    Cut them so that The handle bars are at your waist for Juming, for racing, drop them down an inch below your waist.
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      On sports, a VERY good measurement is 24 inches from the bottom of the pole to the top.

      But you have flys, so from the top triple clamp to where you gonna cut i would go like 24 inches.


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        thanks fellas! i will of course cut the bars to where i feel the most comfortable, but this is very helpful to hear some other measurements(just getting a feel how low people go).