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Zooma Stalker? Exhaust

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  • Zooma Stalker? Exhaust

    That's right, a Stalker? exhaust for the 33cc Zooma scooter. This scooter is the one sold by Checker/Schucks/Kragen auto stores for $249 and is made in China. The stock exhaust is a VERY loud X-Can knock-off and this new Stalker? should help it to be more neighbor friendly!

    You can check it out here it's is the same one that fits the GSR40?.
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    do u know where i can order one? i want the frame of it and then i will put a racin moter on it. my bro has one and his works great. i need to order one since the store it was carried at, ran out.


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      hey, does any1 know of an engine better than the stock zooma one that will fit a zooma scooter... lol... i live right down the street from the ADA shop.. in phoenix... thx
      Know anything that can boost a Zooma 33cc? Let Me Know!