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Pre-Mad Dog Goped..#Brake Problems

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  • Pre-Mad Dog Goped..#Brake Problems

    I purchased a rear brake kit, and 2nd brake and a new fork for my gsr40. Unknowingly skipped the fact that the new mad dog brakes will not fit the rear. I know this is a subject that has been covered but what i am looking to do is grind off the old and weld on the new. I am looking for measurements or a schematic for the part that hold the brake. or if it is sold somewhere. Any one help me on this?

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    I believe UpsetChemist might have some for sale still in the classified section. After 30 days from registration date or after 30 posts, you can access the classifieds.


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      30 Days!?

      Thanks I'll Keep trying to post on items i need help with. #ImaNoobie


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        I suggest you take the time to read through the rules stickied in the "General Talk" section.

        Cut off the old and weld on a new. Do you have the means to cut out a new one and weld it on?
        Hell Fab


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          I have a means to cut the old one off and weld a new one on but not fabricate the piece. I didn't realize i broke any rules, i will read them.


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            You didn't break any rules, but you didn't know about the 30 day wait period. Which says to me you didn't read the rules.

            I have a couple tabs in my possesion, all you need is a 4 1/2" grinder with a cut off wheel to rough cut them out. Then fine tune with a grinder/bench top sander, etc...

            I can trace one out and send you the stencil, cause I'm not giving up my tabs.
            Hell Fab


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              That could work i know someone that might be able to fabricate it, How do you propose sending me the stencil? It would be a much need step in the right direction.