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  • another oil question

    i just ordered myself a brand new sk27rc and im not exactly sure of what oil would be best to use in the process of breaking in the motor, and after brokin in then what type of oil is best?

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    They say to use non synth for break in but it is perfectly fine to run Fully synth oil through both break in and after break in. Oils like Amsoil, maxima castor 927, and others that i cant think of.


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      There are reasons why you should not use synthetic oil, they don't recommend it for no reason. You should use Non-Synthetic oil during break-in and if you would like, however it is not necessary, you may use synthetic afterwards. As synthetic is more expensive, I buy quarts of Pennzoil Premium oil for less than 3 dollars which is enough for eight gallons of gas at 32:1.


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        The only reason why it is not suggested is it may take a little longer to break the motor in but besides that it is perfectly fine


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          k cool, thanks


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            i never used non synthetic for breakin in my last motor and it was fine but im gunna treat my new motor really good so it lasts


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              optimum break in

              i find this the best way to break in a go-ped engine.i use caster 927 at 25:1 with a full see caster 927 is a petrolium based oil and will allow for more engine wear.this is why you dont use synthetic for break in.ok now you start and run the engine until it gets to operating temp.(about 2 min.)then let it cool down(about 20 min.)you need to do this 3 times.after that run the engine up to the power band (about 5,800 rpm)DO NOT STAY IN THE POWER BAND.let off do this over and over until you have ran the hole tank of gas.this may take a couple of days but its worth it.after that i run amsoil; its fully synthetic at 50:1 i know that seems thin but this oil is incredible it lubricates at 50:1 better than a petrolium oil at 25:1 so what that means is you have more fuel to burn and you guessed it more power and less friction.i know amsoil is more money but when you look at it its not because it costs about $10.00 a qrt but that qrt. will make 16 gallons of gas! wow
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