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ADA, Will you do something or not!?

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  • ADA, Will you do something or not!?

    My friend recently purchased an HE26HP. After about a week he bought the TS reed cases and a stroker. So i bought the whole bottom end from him. I began taking the cases apart when i noticed that they were just impossible to pull apart. I ended up having to stick a screw driver between the two cases and pryed them apart.(Really screwed up the cases, bent and chipped. DAMNIT) So then i find out that the case bearings are basically fused to the crank and will not come off. I've tried all rust removers, oils..ect... you name it, i tried it. I'm tried to hammer them...but i havnt done any serious wrenching on it because i dont want to bend the crank. I obviously realize this is a faulty product. I dont want to hear that it could be the type of oil i'm running, because its not. I'm using AmsOil which is what 1/4 the rest of scooter riders use. I'm pretty frustraited with this situation and was hoping you could do something about it. Now i know that if this was a sikktoys product they would full refund it with no questions asked. Do you have a policy like this?

    The reason i bring this matter to the public forums is because i've tried emailing a few times, but no response back was made.

    Please get in contact with me or just post here.

    -Brian P.
    aka Flow

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    Our warranty terms are here.

    The warranty would only cover defects in manufacturers workmanship, not any damage done during your attempt at disassembly. The warranty would replace or repair the product, not give a full refund. We would need to see the product before anything can be determined however. You would need to return it to the place that it was purchased from if it was purchased elsewhere than directly from ADA Racing. If it was purchased direct from us, you would need to contact us, letting us know the name the part was purchase under, so that we can issue you a Return Goods Authorization Number. The warranty is good for 180 days from date of purchase.
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