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My G230RC(i think) is leaking oil BADLY

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  • My G230RC(i think) is leaking oil BADLY

    i need a lil help. My G230RC is badly leaking oil. i was looking around on the web and this one web site sayz it could be my crankshaft, im praying it isnt. (i still owe my mom 190 dollars for buying it) its fairly new, and i only rode it around my neighborhood and i only raced once (and lost to a G260RC by an inch) i thought it was in good condition, it ran good, then one day it wouldnt start, so i messed with the carb (only cuz my guy friend told me to) it still wouldnt start, so i put it away, i went back to it about three or four dayz later, and it still wouldnt start. I kept messin with the carb and when i did get it to start, it would die in about 5-10 seconds. so i left it alone. about a week later i noticed it was sitting on its side in my garage so i sat it up and saw there was a puddle of oil all around it. the oil looks like its leaking from my x-can. but im not really sure. IF any one knows whats wrong with it please help me. (i miss riding it )

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    It could be something as simple as a very rich mixture. In your short run you may have oil fouled the plug by having a rich mix. If it is rich, you would have some sloppy stuff in the exhaust. If it isnt coming from under a case I wouldnt think a seal is gone or the crank is in any danger.