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  • Upgradin the ol' scooter

    Hey all. i have one of those 49cc chinese built camo offroad scooters that have high *** speeds. out of 29 scooters around the block only 1 can keep up with me. so far i have done: k&n sheilded filter with a custom cut computer fan stuck in side their to shovel in the air. i bought a 15mm generic carb but i gave it a look and said my venturi looks about the same so i sold it to a friend who later ripped me off. since my intake manifold is bigger then a gsr40's intake manifold, i cant use any gsr40 hardware that mounts on the intake fold (bought a juice box only to find out it dosent fit and now is on ebay). i will prob end up buying this adapter . this gives me a choice of buy either a WA-167,WT-603 or a WT-688 carb. which one performs the best in my situation and is it worth it to upgrade? thanks
    ...The Rise and Fall

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    Find out who manufactures the engine and contact them to find a local service center, or for help...

    I don't know about these days, but when I first bought my Goped Bigfoot a few years back, all the HP carbs were stock parts that the manufacturer offered for either different motors or different applications but "fit", regardless.


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      hmm lol thanks but that didnt quite answer my question,
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        Sorry.... I haven't a clue which carb is better... but if your intake is larger than a GSR40's motor, why are you going with the adapter designed for the GSR40?
        Won't that not fit and be too small as well?


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          im talking about intake port from carberator to cynlinder. the carbarator holes are the same size but the intake port is bigger. the 668 ive herd is much better then hp carbs
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            you are better just using the stock carb... have put a 688 on that type of scooter you have to make a weird gasket that wont make a good seal so you better of with the stock carb you will have less problems later on


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              no the gaskets will fit perfectly. you obviosly dont understand what im talking about
              ...The Rise and Fall


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                I know what you are talking about just read it wrong sorry.