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Best silencer(s) for a Goped Bigfoot w/G230RC

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  • Best silencer(s) for a Goped Bigfoot w/G230RC

    Hi there!

    I need a really QUIET muffler/silencer for my G230RC on a Bigfoot and have no idea what I should get and what I should avoid. I'm running an X-Can and don't want a big tuned pipe, I'm trying to keep it small and simple and QUIET. I need suggestions from someone who has tried a few... I don't mind taking a performance hit of 1-3mph, and would prefer something that I don't have to repack every few rides.

    I also plan on adding an ADA Juice Box to the intake... is there really a noticable drop in intake?

    Anyways, I'm trying to build a "Stealth-ped"... one that I can ride at night, disturbing as few people as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    First, Stick a stock airfilter on it, or a Stalker intake.
    Now you can ether stick a unmodified Stock can on and route it through the Frame and stick a Go-snuffer in your frame. Or You could buy a Stalker exhaust and Stick a Custom silincer on it.
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      Well I just ordered a Juice Box, which is supposed to reduce some intake noise.

      Sorry, I have a Q-Can, not an X-can... it's a high performance billet exhaust... I'm looking for a high-performance silencer to attach it to, but don't have any clue which one is best (there are several) and wanted to know if anyone has done any experimenting on them...
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