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ADA BigFoot Suspension Fork

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  • ADA BigFoot Suspension Fork

    I've been tinkering with this for hours now, and I see no way possible for this to fit on the stock plastic PMW rim with the stock PMW rotor. Any way I bolt on the calipar, the bolts on the wheel hit it. ADA included no recomendations on the spacing.

    It's getting to the point where it's just not worth the agrivation. If you guys could have posted under notes that the brake will not clear with the stock wheel/rotor, I would have just bought the combo. Now it seems the only way to solve this is to buy the ADA wheel and spend more than I would have buying the combo.

    ADA please explain,

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    We've haven't had any problems mounting the suspension fork to the stock wheel. Maybe re-align the heads of the bolts that hold the rotor onto the stock wheel. It will work as many people have used it with the stock wheel, there must be something that is not lining up properly on yours.
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      Must be,

      So, if I want the wheel now, I would have to pay the $100 vs the $72?