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ADA Please Design GSR60 Juicebox

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  • ADA Please Design GSR60 Juicebox

    An ADA GSR60 / Pro60 juicebox would be the greatest thing. One thing is it would be great if it was designed to fit both the GSR60 and the PRO60.

    I have a GSR60, and I put on the ADA Pro60 Stalker Exhaust. I found that it would mount upside down only because of the direction of the stingers. Many on GPN would not bother to mount the Pro60 Stalker because they couldn't figure out that it could be mounted upside down.

    For the G62 Juicebox, I would highly recommend making sure that there is clearance for the G62 with and without headkit and with the GSR60 modified carb which has different clearance (because of throttle linkage) than the Pro60 carb.

    I really hope ADA comes out with this soon. There was something about it on a previous thread where it was said to be comming out in July.

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    The pro60 juiceboxes have been put on the backburner for the timebeing. There simply is not enough demand for them yet, and we have too many other products in development to devote the necessary time to them right now.