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Engine Dyno's?

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  • Engine Dyno's?

    Hey ADA,
    I know that you guys own (or send your engines out) a dyno, but my question is the dyno service available to the public, if so... how much?


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    They have a chassis dyno if Im not mistaken. Its not practical.
    Ada All the way.


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      We have a rear wheel motorcycle dyno, but haven't really used it much. We had a really nice Huff Technologies 200hp hydraulic engine dyno back in our watercraft engine building days, and that kinda spoiled me. Eventually, I would like to get an engine dyno for these smaller engines. That would really help product development. But for now, we do not really have the physical space for one.
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        Motorcycle dyno?????? I have one of those at the Ped/Motor cycle shop and I was thinking of trying it but I wasnt sure if it would work. KILLER!
        Ada All the way.


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          New Dyno

          We are talking with a company about building us a special engine dyno just to be used for the smaller Hobbie Engines. Plan on buying one in the next few weeks for R&D. We do have a Chassis Dyno now but are loaning that out to our pipe design engineer for development of new expansion chambers.