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need help starting scooter...no1 will answer on scooter forum

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  • need help starting scooter...no1 will answer on scooter forum

    Ok so here I hav a sport w/ a g23lh15 motor and the damn thing just wont start, and i need sum1 to help me as if i know nothing about scooters because thats basically the reason. anway no matter how many times i try to pull start or how hard i try to push start the thing wont budge. I mean i hear the engine trying to start like its wheezing but it wont start. Also i realized on the motor it says the gas is a 25:1 ratio but on websites and evrywhere else they say sports w/ the motor i hav r supposed to b 40:1 ratio, this may be the problem i juss do not know. Someone please help me! Im a big scooter noob and would really appreciate it if someone could go step by step w/ me in tryin to solve my scooter problems, thnx.


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    First thing i'd do is put some fresh gas in it mixed at 40:1 and a new spark plug(i think ADA has some on their website). And post the results. it sounds like your not getting spark.

    Also this is a stock carb right?


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      u say to put in 40:1, but on my goped it says 25:1 and thats wut i put in...and i cant really buy things online cuz i got no credit card and parents wont let me use so is there anyplace i can buy like pep boys?


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        i dunno wut u mean by stock carb cuz im a big goped noob but i hav sum 25:1 gas in there and r u sure the spark plug will do the trick?


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          What kind of oil?
          25:1 Was back in the day of Crappier oil.......
          Yes Just pull your Plug Out (13/16 Socket) and take it to Pepboys, AutoZone or Just about any Dirbike/quad/jetski/weed wacker shop and get a new one.
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            You have a go-ped sport. 25:1 is TOO much oil for it. GO back down to 40:1 with FRESH gas. and listen to what pedhead7 said about the plugs...ill try to get you the autolite modle number
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              it starts fine now, plz look at my other post to c the new prob.