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Clutch and spindle issue

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  • Clutch and spindle issue

    I have a big foot with the Ada clutch lockout posi lock and third bearing, my problem is I put the spindle on the clutch and it would come loose while riding. I had it tightened all the way with loctite, the spindle bolt broke off into the outer drum on the clutch. I had bought another drum and spindle bolt tried it again and the bolt broke off in the new drum again. It lasted about a 5 minuet ride until the spindle fell out while riding. Not sure what could cause that maybe the lockout being too tight on the wheel but if it's not too tight it looses torch and too end speed. Any advice to try? Not sure if I should buy a whole new clutch and spindle and start over or maybe it's something else. Thanks

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    Can I buy the drum side with the broke bolt? How did the bolt break? You kinda glossed over how it broke. There’s not enough pressure on the spindle to be broken while riding unless you’re doing 40 foot backflips maybe?


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      Think it was the lockout too tight on the wheel... I have 2 u can buy


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        whoa something isn't right here

        how are you shearing off the bolts in the clutch shaft? locktite shouldn't be used there a small dab of anti-seize compound and then tighten until secured, the spindle pressure and action should be firm but not a death grip, ok so now that i got that out of the way now i can get on to more important questions like:

        please give us a run down on how you adjust the lockdown pressure, how much pressure is the spindle to the tire?

        i ran that same setup years ago for at least 7 months and at least 1100 miles and never experienced a single event like yours.
        Matt Etchells
        Flash-Systems ltd.

        [email protected]


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          I had the lockout cranked down the the tire pretty tight almost to where the back wheel wouldn't spin. When I had it loose it seemed like it had no touch. Like the speed wouldn't match the rpm. I don't know what else it could of been but the lockout too tight on the tire. Also the third bearing had a little wobble in it when everything is tight. This is my first Bigfoot build with all this I switched over from a sport never had a clutch so it's all new to me.