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Walbro wj-71 for ts case reed?

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  • Walbro wj-71 for ts case reed?

    Anyone used the wj 71 with their wj adaptor? Was wondering if there were any performance gains. And how did you work around the no pulse fitting?

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    Ill answer one of my questions. The other i dont the answer to. Yet. Buy an a 8-32 pressure fitting then drill and tap it on the location that normally has it. You can use a hda 223 as a reference of where it goes.


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      Did you ever find out about this WJ 71?
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        Not yet unfortunately. I been jugglin like 6 motor related projojects at the same time and i recently started the ts casereed 460 on my trail ripper. Stock throttle cable wasnt long enough. Waiitng on a new one which should arrive soon.

        itll be hard to tell if the wj71 is whats producing significant power or if its the casereed. I'm sure itll be a combination of both. Looking to run e85 throigh her if the the fuel flow is adequate.

        i suppose on the next rebuild ill slap an hda48 to see how she performs in comparison to the wj71

        any you guys successfully bored out fuel passage holes in these walbro carbs successfully? Obviously to allow more fuel to pass? Spring pressure would also obviously need to be decently aletered. This would benefit methanol and ethenal carbs. Wish you could just buy various sized jets for the Hi and Low like most carbs.

        im gonna take a wack at it on an old carb in the near future. Quite honestly, not sure if itll go well


        • #5
          Where’d you pick up the WJ71? I’m having trouble finding one.

          I’m not too sure about drilling the carb, is the actual high jet even accessible? I’ve drilled multiple motorcycle carbs from crf50 to crf450 but those jets are always removable. You can always do a 50/50 91/e85 mix. Would bump the octane rating to around 100 and require 15% more fuel vs 30% with straight e85.
          *******Pedding since '02********