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    I decided to use this forum because gpn is down. I have g230rc with a wt.603 carb, v-stack, k&n air filter and a jet pro. All gaskets are new and in place. nutthing seems to be out of place. My problem is that when i try to start the motor it turns over, it will rev real high then cut out, I ve tried playn around with the setings and the clutch and nothing seems to have any affect on this problem.

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    how old is the engine and how much use do you put on it?


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      Ive put no use on it actually its brand new.


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        What are Your Carb settings?
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          Originally posted by pedhead7
          What are Your Carb settings?
          ya it has to be the settings!!!
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            new engine

            it sounds like one of the fuel lines is kinked behind the gas tank or you have the low screw too lean.please make sure you break your engine properly its very important.let me know if you need more info on that.the low screw should be at 1 1/4 and the high at 1 3/8ths
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              that sounds like wat happened wen i had my stock carb on backwards AHAHAHA SO MUCH PUSHING
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