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  • Stock Fork Removal

    Yeah, I really need some help here. How do I remove the stock fork from the Sport Go-ped frame? I've been having some trouble lately, Ive only had the thing for about 3 months now, and Im starting to upgrade it, and I need to know how to remove the fork.

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    To remove the fork you need to first take off the pole. I usually get some pipe visegrips and pull up the slide tube as high as it will go then use the visegrips locked on the pole under the slide tube gently as to not tear up the pole to badly. Then I use a 3/8 extension and a hammer to drive out the plastic hinge pin. Now that the pole is out of the way you can access the allen bolt in your FTG. I usually use an allen wrench with a cresant wrench to get the bolt loose. Loosen that bolt about 4 or 5 turns then tap on the allen wrench while its sitting on the bolt to release the wedge fitting inside. Now the FTG outta come out with a little coaxing. Some times I take a longer 3/8 extension and slide it through the hole where the plastic hinge fitting was that way you can twist the FTG back and forth till it come out. Now you can use a pair of channel locks on the big knurled ring. Turn it counterclockwise till the fork comes off. Just pay attention to which way the bearing were installed for reassembly and make sure you get the wedge bolt good and tight on reassembly.


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      Wow thanks alot man.


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        Your very welcome. I need to just type up my instructions and save so I can copy and paste them since I always find myself repeatible typing about the same things. LOL