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What can we do?!?!?!?!?!?

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  • What can we do?!?!?!?!?!?

    It really saddens me that the billetboard is going to be closing soon. Sure we have Gopednation on Facebook now, but billetboard holds a lot of good info and is a great place for people to ask questions and interact for those that do not have a Facebook account. Is there anything that can be done to keep billetboard alive? I would love to know the exact reason why it is closing especially after spending a good amount of money purchasing the URL. There has to be something that we can do to keep the billetboard alive!! Please discuss.


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    I agree. Now that you can't see much as a guest. Maybe Brooks will get to see how many of us are still active on here. Even though none of us post much😁


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      Are the dollars spent on hosting the web traffic amounting to Goped parts sales. My guess is no


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        See you guys on Go-ped Merica on Facebook

        My Constitutional Rights Don't End Where Your Feelings Begin


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          Once billetboard is gone, I'm gone.


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              Originally posted by blt113 View Post

              Once billetboard is gone, I'm gone.
              Hate to say it but same here.


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                Make a goped facebook page and get on gopednation. The page is doing great!!


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                  Not giving my info to the lizard people.


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                    I have been fezbook free for over 6 years and my quality of life has improved 10 fold.


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                      Same. I surf the billetboard 100 times more than going on Facebook. I’m on Facebook maybe once a month. And I like the trustworthy itrader here. Too many flakes on Facebook. I don’t think ide send 900 bux to someone selling me a ped over Facebook unless I would pick up locally. I’m in Michigan. There is no locally here. I wouldn’t mind paying a yearly membership fee if I had to . Maybe 30 bux a year? Or 20 for 6 months, and/or 5 bux a month? The amount of info on here is crazy. Won’t get even a sctratch of it on Facebook. Go fund me page to pay for the cost then keep this page running for another 10 years?


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                        I just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents:

                        The cost of hosting the BilletBoard is not necessarily the main concern. Hosting costs $311.88 per year. The main problem is the maintenance and upkeep with fighting spam and hackers on the backend of the site. For example, I see that people are saying Google redirects on a search and I can't figure out how to fix it. Unfortunately the software this site is built on is outdated and easily hacked, especially thru the 3rd party plugins like iTrader. It is a constant battle and very time consuming.

                        I have also seen people talking about archiving the site. Not sure how that can be done as you would need to have a licensed copy of the vBulletin software and then export the database. It is not easy to move a vBulletin installation, that is why we kept it with our previous host when we moved ADA Racing to a new host. In the past they were both on the same host/server so it was no added cost for the BilletBoard.

                        Still looking at some options, but at some point I have to cut my losses as i can't spend a bunch of time trying to figure out how to fix or maintain the site. I have spent countless hours on the backend of this site trying to fix things that could have been spent more productively, like making new parts. Unfortunately, I have not come across anyone on here that is proficient with vBulletin to be able to help with the maintenance. Since the early days of GPN with Kevin and Jason(the original owners of GPN) I have met anyone else that is familiar with vBulletin software.

                        As far as 'active' users on here, 32 people have viewed this thread in 5 days. Not exactly pegging the traffic meter. The active members number on the homepage is a 60 day number and will also include any new signups that have not come back. If find a number of those. I actually went thru last week and deleted a bunch of people that had signed up but never verified their email and well as people that signed up, have never posted, and hadn't been on here in over a year.

                        If things can't be fixed or improved on the site, I don't see a reason to keep paying for the hosting. Eventually it will just get over run with spam, that's what happened to GPN when it was left unattended. Not sure what the future will hold...
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                          That makes a lot of sense. I can only imagine the frustration with maintaining BB. I have noticed a lot more spammers signing up and it's a shame what will ultimately happen here, but you have much better use of that brain of yours.

                          Just want to say THANK YOU to you, Brooks, and the entire ADA team, current and past, that have helped 2 stroke enthusiasts, be it gopeds, jetskis, RC, or ATVs.

                          It was a pleasure to meet you and actually see some of these parts being made in your shop.


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                            Blessings!!!! Thanks for getting me into it. Btw you were all right. I couldn't stop at just one" had to have a fleet! See you all in the fb or the resurrection!
                            "I never drive faster than I can see. Besides that, it's all in the reflexes."


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                              Yay bb is back!!! Thank you!!!