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    HELLO im new to this site but not new to go-peds.I rode a go-ped for the 1st time in 1991 and did not know a thing about them.then in june 2002 i bought a blue sport and it was all down hill from there.i still have the same ped but it doesn`t look the has hydroturff on the stock deck in black with a flourescent orange go-ped logo.the frame has been powdercoated in flourescent orange as well.the bars are stock but i sleeved them and added 3 more inches per side so now they are about 20in wide but look factory.i have the $230.00 mico shocks up front,my rims are a open 5 star one of a kind custom made.under the deck i have attached black hole pad to ubsorb vibration.all my cables are white with orange sheeth over them.i have also added rear brakes with a lever from an electric scooter and a pocket bike splitter and cables so now it has front and rear brakes.under the shocks is a custom made polished aluminum for the engine.match ported rc case custom stuffed with a 1mill stroker crank 34mm zenoah big bore that i fully race ported.piston has been lightend,skirt match ported,knive edged,lube holes added,top pitch changed,and smoothed and polished.billet intake with custom made spacer,race carb that i customized,k&n filter,lightend Lh flywheel,Lh coil,msd wire and boot,trevor simpson adjustible timing side cover advanced to 9 degrees btdc,110 octane fuel,cylender side plate,flow system show chrome expansion chamber pipe,with a .700 aluminum turns 18,120 rpm with me on it.and i wiegh 231 does 32.4 mph and thats measured with a gps acurrate within 1 tenth of 1 mile per hour.not like a radar gun or riding next to your friend in his car this is the real deal.i have $1,622.00 invested in this me anytime if you want to Hollister racing
    Amsoil Dealer
    Flowsystem Racing Dealer-north west Phoenix

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    haha nice only custum thing i have is my polished everything
    he23hp longblock, hp carb,tgn filter ,sikk 1 pipe,rokit key,polished everthing