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  • a good laugh

    well i got my sport yesterday and i have almost killed my self twice i didnt know how dangerous these things are this morring i was going full power and this truck was pulling in to the petrol station so i had to slam my breaks on and try to stop i stopped in time as you know sports only have front brakes so over the handle bars i went but i kept my feet and BAM on the ground went my scooter and now the pull starter and fan cove a broken so i picked it all up thinking to my self cr@p now i have tto carry it to work then i remembered that you can push start them so off to work i went (this was at 5:00am) get to work then i worked then i finshed and i thought cr@p now i have to carry this thing home then i tryed to push start it for ten minutes finalyit started so i cruzed home then i was riding in the street once again over the handle bars Tim goes also i had no shoes on at the time BAM nothing broke on the scooter this time but i think i broke my heel so now it is straped up and i am going back to work soon so YAY ill try not to kill my self!!!!

    also what is a good size spindle to get i want i good top speed, i have a pipe and a K&N air filter and will a 3rd bearing make a difference???
    GO-PED SPORT: ExTrEmE ToYs PiPe, bLuE NeOnS, Hp CaRb, .800 SpInLdE, ToP SpEeD 45kph

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    get like a black magic .750!! and the only thing a 3rd bearing does is protect your spindle and crank so you cant bend/break it, it doesnt help any performance!!
    freestyle goped sport!!!