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    I've decided to buy a Goped for myself for Christmas. I have enough money for the Sport/Geo-Sport/S25/GSR Sport and I'm more than likely going to order it from Daves Motors because alot of my friends who ordered Gopeds got them from there and that they have a no shipping fee so I will have more of my money to spend on the Goped not the shipping. I am leaning toward the goe-Sport just because it has a "Clutch" that can raise and lower the spindle so I can start it with the spindle up and then put it down once I'm on the Goped. Other than that I don't know of anything that would make one scooter better than the other. I hope you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance.


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    I personaly prefer gopeds without a clutch. I dont really like the way how it moves the whole engine then just drops down onto the wheel.

    Get a sport!!!


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      ya get a sport or even a xped
      freestyle goped sport!!!


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        get a liquimatic.


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          Just get a Sport. Liqumatics Suck Ballz. The torque converter Wears out on them Fast, then your stuck will a Expenisve Ugly Yellow Sport.
          Personally, Save your money and Get a xped.
          Modded out Super x ped, G2d xped,
          Modded out Yamaha wave blaster, and a Stock Yamaha wave raider.
          Ride Yamaha


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            ya thats anoter reason y i dont have 1.