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  • starting problems

    i have a sport glh23 (whatever) and it started fine in 1 kick and now all the sudden it wont start it takes about 300 pulls to gett it too start. heres a list of things that i already have done: its not the oil mixture or gas. its not the kill switch.its not the spark plug because ive put it in my friends and it worked fine.the only thing i did was spray some silicone under my throttle thing on top of the carberator becuase it was kinda sticking and full speed.then it didnt start after that.coiuld it be my carb?plz help

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    You Name Stealer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just playin

    So you put your freinds spark plug in and it worked just fine???
    So whats the Problem then? What kind of silicon? The Sealent or Lube?, Double check what kind it is.
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      lol i didnt know ther was another ped head lol.well itsd silicon lube the yeollow bottle.


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        the silicon was not a good idea it will collect alot of dirt.the sticking is more than likely in the cable.and get one of those big return springs like the one that comes with the hp carb.i would say take the carb apart and clean it with carb cleaner or break cleaner.dont let the diafram come in contact with the cleaner.
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