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ADA Centrifugal Scooter Clutch Kit

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  • ADA Centrifugal Scooter Clutch Kit

    I just saw this posted on GPN and can't find it in the dealer section of ADA products? Is this just an oversight?

    ADA Centrifugal Scooter Clutch Kit

    54mm centrifugal clutch kit for Zenoah and Superior engines. Bolts between the engine and the frame, so it mounts to frames that have the same bolt pattern as the engine. Replacement clutch for ADA Avenger scooters. This clutch kit allows your scooter to idle. Fits Sport / Liquimatic / Homebuilders Kit / X-ped / Super X-ped / Bigfoot / Super Bigfoot / Go-Quad. Fits G23LH / G2D / G230RC / G260RC / HE23HP / HE26HP / SK27RC / SK29RC engines. Works with stock and aftermarket drive spindles.

    Little help here Brooks?
    Greg aka "Peaks"

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    It is right here.

    It is also listed in the sidebar on our site in the scooter section under new products.

    You can also type 'clutch' in the TurboSearch box.

    Or you can get more specific and type '54mm clutch' in the TurboSearch box.

    I'm just giving you a hard time Peaks!

    You're gonna be in Vegas for the World Finals right?
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      clutch kit

      I just got my kit and to my surprise it does not fit on a ada bigfoot 3rd bearing support the clutch housing hit the turnbuckle so I tried a stock mount again the housing hit so after hours of cutting and welding I now have it working and I love it but I thought you should know it is not a simple bolt on part I did call the ada tech and told them of the problem.


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        I just got my ada clutch kit and it does NOT fit a big foot. It does not fit the ada third bearing nor does it fit the stock goped motor mount. This is not a bolt on part. If you put alot of time grinding areas on the motor mount and weld a new spot for the turnbuckle to bolt on to you will be well rewarded for your efforts because this kit is great no more bottom end bog and better acceleration all around. Attached are some pics of where to grind