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Bigfoot ADA 54mm Clutch Kit...??

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  • Bigfoot ADA 54mm Clutch Kit...??

    ADA Racing,

    I like the new 54mm Centrifigul Clutch Kit you released for scooters lately. A very great idea & was needed desperately. As of now, I here nothing but goog things about them, but one thing... Will you ever make a ADA 54mm Clutch Version for the ADA Bigfoot 3rd Bearing/Lockdown or any Bigfoot model's at all?? Just a thought/suggestion, That I feel, maybe you should consider...

    --Dennis S.

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    Possibly in the future if there is a large demand for these clutches. As I am sure that you have heard the current design is adaptable to the bigfoot with a ADA engine mount and lockout with some minor modifications.


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      For those of you who do not know, this clutch will mount to the ADA billet 3rd bearing mount with the bearing removed.

      It will not mount to a OEM bigfoot engine mount without extensive modifications.

      There are some clearance issues when using this clutch kit/ ADA 3rd Bearing, when used along with a lockout kit. It is not just a bolt on modification. There are four mounting bolts that hold the two housings of the clutch together. The bottom left mounting tab (the one near the lockout mounting threads) on both the billet spacer and cast clutch housing need to be machined/ ground off completely. This will allow enough clearance for the rod-end of the turnbuckle to rotate properly. Because of the design of the billet housing and how it mates with the cast housing you will not have to worry about there being enough support to keep the engine mounted securely even with these mounting tabs removed.


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        clutch kit

        I have one of these clutch's and I use a modified stock bigfoot mount & ADA lockout. I think this is a racer must have!It has no bog of the line and no motor drag when your not on the gas this translates to better starts and faster corner speeds I'm sure when you see one in action you will want one.