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Thanks Team Tri Power Scooters!

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  • Thanks Team Tri Power Scooters!

    I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone at Tri Power Scooters. Anthony, Al, and Annie are amazing. They make everyone feel like family and will do anything for anyone. It is reflected in the amazing work that they do and the riders that they have racing for them. Travis Shaw was flying in the Novice Open 30 taking home a 1st place. Then there's Kevin Terrell. That guy was over in our booth answering questions and selling product! And, he managed to take a 2nd place finish in Novice Open 45. We brought Shupe's brother Mavrick Groff with us to ride for Tri Power in the Expert Open 30 class on a chain drive Kat and he loved it. I know that he was amazed at every Tri Power scooter that he rode.

    The pocketbike that was on display in our booth on the stand was built by Tri Power. Nobody could believe that it was the same Chinese pocketbike that was sitting on the ground next to it. The quality of work was unmatched.

    Check out Tri Power Scooters! The next time your in Vegas, make sure to stop by their shop.

    Thanks again for everything.
    Brooks @ ADA Racing
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