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New ADA hp pistons?

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  • New ADA hp pistons?

    How long till they are for sale?
    Hp/power increases? top end? bopttom end? rpm increases?
    stuff for sale

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    Superior HP Race Pistons

    The release of our HP Race Pistons has been due to the supplier being out of the HP Rings. They are now on the way from the manufacturer and we will have uncoated pistons and rings in about 3 1/2 Weeks. We will have the coated ones in a week to 10 days after the others arrive.


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      i assume the coated ones are better?
      stuff for sale


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        Im glad you made this thread, CRG....

        I had a question about the "thin ring" coated piston's... With the ring thinner will this decrease ring life (substantually)?

        What kind of performance gains we talkin?

        Also, I don't imagine the thin rings will fit in a standard Zenoah piston?



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          Ring Answers

          The thin rings are basically the same as the RC Rings. They are interchangeable with the OEM RC rings. Rings of that thickness are actually required for good performance in the RPM Range that the HE & RC Engines Run. The thicker 1.5mm rings like in the LH flutter at high RPMS and cause the engin to run hotter and lose power. We also have new pistons for the LH and G2D with 2 thin rings to address this issue in the hopped up G23LH Engines.

          The coating is an anti friction coating, resulting in reduced friction and cooler operation and longer wear. In an LH, we have found an increase of over 500 RPM's in one application.


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            Wow, Marv, that sounds MINT. Buyer here!


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              Pistons Arrived

              The new Superior Thin Ringed Race pistons are in stock, the coated ones to be available in about a week, uncoated for sale now. look for more information in the new products forum above.


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                ONE WEEK!!! I cant wait, i got the money and want to spend it.
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