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    I bought an ADA Filter before, and cleaned it many of times. It always worked just fine, until one time I washed and I put it back on after waiting a long time for it to dry, but it made my engine just die. I have a K&N now, and I'll real pleased with it. Im just wondering if I can sell it, or if you think that the filter is screwed, or was it some thing else on my ped.

    00 Bf -K&N Filter -HP carb -Advanced timing -X-port -ADA Gas Cap
    -ADA Tank Cover -ET Ripper Deck

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    Something else.
    Ada All the way.


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      what are you cleaning it with


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        Dish Soap and warm water like the instructions said


        00 Bf -K&N Filter -HP carb -Advanced timing -X-port -ADA Gas Cap
        -ADA Tank Cover -ET Ripper Deck


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          Well you are using a good method to clean the filter.
          On the K&N site, they list their filters life cycle of 20 washings.
          Most cotton gauze filters will get fat, or loosen up a bit after 20 washings or so, but should be useable as long as there arent any tears or holes.

          I dont think the filter is causing that problem, but if you clean it good, and the filter isnt banged up then sell it for a few $$.


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            did you have an hp carb and mess with it at all


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              it isnt the filter, sum other problem
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