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Dealer Insight....

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  • Dealer Insight....

    I have to say that bieng a Go-P*d dealer is not easy....politics, trash talkers, ungreatful kids and their pissy parents and the racing world battles (igpa & ussrl) ,and then there is the wonderful internet!!! Well, with all these things going on it is hard who to listen to....

    So I listen to the complanits the thanks and even the threats! But one thing is still clear to me, the fun that scootering brings to so many!! The smile on the kids face when he/she gets their scooter back is priceless.....however when the trash talking on certian products comes out on the web than I become this sick twisted a-hole who only wants money and don't care just looking to get rich...So to all those who critize and ridicule manufactures for there parts think twice (THIS MEANS YOU ACCORD) it affects more than the hit counter on gpn!

    As for the scooter kits I recieved mine and proptly put it together and I must say that the quailty of all the parts in the kit are of the utmost in quailty and the otions are great! As for the PMW kit I am waiting like everyone else but I look forward to see what Go-P*d has to offer ...looks promising!

    The motors from PSI (superior) are great quality and inexpensive and the RC Replica is awsome. I am running one on a x-p*d and wow impressive. It is great to see alternitive motors in the market place along with replacement parts that rival the genuine article.

    I, bieng along time Go-P*dder I understand that whats hot this week may not be next but I live with it and don't let it bother me. However like most of you I demand the very best when it comes to the scooter under my feet and yes I use ADA Racing parts and PSI on my own scooters and have been for about ten years and they have never failed me and my Go-P*ds have not failed me either and for that I will always be loyal to the Two great companies for giving US the scooter community so much and for most you giving back so little! Think before typeing it is hard enogh to sell scooter and all that goes along with, them don't make it any more difficult to feed the family!!

    Just some thoughts for a Go-P*d Dealer and fellow pedder

    5 Star Gold Go-Ped Dealer
    Been Wearing an ADA Racing t-shirt to work for over 10 years!

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    WELL SAID... I too am a "Best man for the job" kind of guy. I ride a Big Boy and a BladeZ Comp, both ADA equiped. I have seen the new kits and was quite impressed with the quality and attention to detail. They look very sturdy. I am sure that the Go-P*d kits will of equal quality. Competion can bring out the worst and best in people. But it keeps everybody on their toes and the products just keep getting better. Which is all the better for all of us entheuisiasts.
    Sheriff Jon

    Have Shovel....Will Travel
    ___COAST PED___


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      So, uhhhh.... Who are ya!?



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        Originally posted by 02YZ125
        So, uhhhh.... Who are ya!?

        nose troubles?does it matter....???
        --TSI W/60 KIT


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          no not really.
          stuff for sale


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            Well...I don't know who 'adasuporter' is, but MY name actually is Brian. I am not a dealer, but I do have several friends that are.
            Sheriff Jon

            Have Shovel....Will Travel
            ___COAST PED___


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              who is it?

              Sounds to me like the one and only Dwight Dolliver pedracer.......................................... .....................d
              Creator of the "pHaT-BOY" race pipe silencer!


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                well said! my ped is equiped with ada, and as far as future parts i only look to ada!
                Blue 2002 Modifed Geo Sport
                Blue HyrdroTurf
                Engine Trix Gas Tank cover
                ADA .800 Spindle
                and more to come