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S1 vs. S2 On an lh

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  • S1 vs. S2 On an lh

    Hey I'm excited about the ADA S2 pipe after hearing numerous people talk about their great results on their rc and big bore. Well I dont have an rc or bbk. I was wondering which one of these pipes would give me more overall power, and noise. I dont want to buy a silencer because of the price. Also how does the Engine Trix pipe compare to the S2? I think someone should try to round up some pipes for a weekend or two and test numerous pipes out on many difff. applications. Someone that is a respectable and legend here at the Billet Board should highly consider it, then make sounds clips. Just a thought, I know alot of the members here live out west and most likely alot of you are close. I'm in MI and I have an inch of snow on the ground and I'm on Spring break. I think that alot of people would find it usefull.

    Chris Thanks
    00 Bf -K&N Filter -HP carb -Advanced timing -X-port -ADA Gas Cap
    -ADA Tank Cover -ET Ripper Deck

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    o2 has tested a lot of pipes, he swears by the S2
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      So do I but not on the LH. The S1 is way better then the S2 on the Lh.
      Ada All the way.