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  • Anodizing decks

    Hey ADA, do you guys anodize the decks you make or do you buy the metal or billet pre anodized?

    If you do anodize, I was wondering if I can get mine reanodized if I pay for it and send it out to you guys because I have a blue sport race deck and I need to reanodize it because parts of it are rubbing off.

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    Strip the anodizing and either leave it fine sanded, or polish it. Looks good.
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      The decks are anodized then machined. We do not do our own anodizing, even though I wish we did. Look for an anodizer in your area, it will probably cost you quite a bit though, as most shops have minimum charges. Our anodizer has a $70 minimum.
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        how do you anodize something?
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