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Marv.. Rialto race

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  • Marv.. Rialto race

    it was awesome, i ran a GSR with a whole bunch of ada stuff, (ada headkit, s2) with an 8 tooth and 72 rear, took last in the holeshot cuz it wasnt warmed up (mine wouldnt start due to to much oil in gas and fouled plug) after a lap or two, i started passing out of the corners and on the straights. i ended up 4th in qualifying, and on another GSR with an ada headkit and ADA s2, but with a 6 tooth this time, i got an ok start and took 4th (hit top speed to fast, wrong gearing). and my ada s1 on my sxp hauled, super fast, just had a problem with a jump you guys make great products that run hard, strong, and fast. and i beat 2 kids with XT2 pipes.

    Steve Sentner, #53
    Coast Ped, ADA Racing

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    Thanks to Sick Fast

    Thanks for the race report. We enjoy the reports on the races when we are not able to be there. Good luck with yur next race. Glad all those ADA parts make you faster!


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      ADA Pipes Top 3 at Rialto

      Seems like the ADA Pipes were the ones to beat at Rialto in the Pro Sport Class. ADA equipped Peds took top 3 spots with Kurt Shupe taking 2nd in the Pro Sport Class behind Brandon Currie.


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        ya, ada had some strong products running in the coast ped/gss/ada tent, chad took 2nd and i took 4th in our bigfoot heat, he was running an s2 i was running an s1.

        -Elliot Laurance
        Elliot Laurance
        Coast Ped, Goped Superstore, ADA
        World Domination 2003-2004