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  • SSK Kit Questions

    Hi guys, love the new site and board. I have a few questions regarding the SSK kit.
    1.Will you guys(ADA) be carrying it and selling it through the website?
    2.Do you know how much it is?
    3.Is it available yet?
    I tried emailing the site you have posted, but it wouldn't even let me email them, so I have no info on where, when, and how much.
    Just trying to find out, as I am very interested in one. Thanks.
    So Many Toys-So Little time

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    No, he means the Superior Scooter Kit. Go to and look at the list of dealers. Im not sure if Ada will be selling them directly.
    Ada All the way.


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      No, ADA will not be selling them directly to the retail consumer. ADA will only be selling them to our dealers. The Avenger scooter kit is meant for dealers to assemble and sell their own custom scooter.
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        SSK Advantages

        The SSK Scooter, the First Scooter Kit on the market is intended to benefit our dealers and their customers. As we only sell the kits through dealers, the retail customer can go to one of Superiors listed dealers and order their custom built scooter and save money on the items that would otherwise be taken of and set aside or thrown away. You can choose from many parts, accessories and engines of the many manufacturers offereing those items. The mounting systems are standardized so most reputable manufacturers parts will fit. If your interested in having a dealer custom build your SSK-Avenger Kit, click here to find your nearest participating dealer