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Head bolt torque specs

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  • Head bolt torque specs

    Its been a year since I removed my ADA head kit for my RC230. I'm having problems finding the docs that came with my kit. Most likely, I put it in a place so I wouldn't loose it. However, that place is forgotten.

    What are the head bolt torque specs? I've got the cylinder bolt specs, but I don't want to tweak the ring and risk over-torquing it.

    Note to ADA forum administrators, it would be cool to place the documentation on the main site. I couldn't find it there.

    ...and, like most last minute things, I have a race tomorrow!

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    Most of the major parts have dowloadable PDF files on them. For isntance, go to the ORC head kit and it will say download instructions at the bottom.
    Ada All the way.