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  • Superior Bigfoot frame

    Just wondering if Superior has any plans to produce bigfoot frames?
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    This would definately be nice. I'm thinking about replacing my old 2001 Bigfoot frame. The chrome fender I bought for it around Christmas doesn't seem to fit quite right and I gather it might be because it was designed for the SBF frame. Hmmm...


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      New Frame Coming

      Superior is designing a new frame based on the 10" tire format. Most of the existing parts will fit. There are some interesting features included that we will divulge when completion gets a little closer. We plan on having it ready late Summer to Fall to take advantage of the Christmas selling season.
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        Any chance that the new frame would have a suspension? Also, how different would the new frame look than the SBF frame?


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          a Superior BF frame would be soo nice
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