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ADA Alcohol Carb Instructions?

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  • ADA Alcohol Carb Instructions?

    well i was reading the instruction on the alki carb and it makes no sense at all! could someone help me with this, i am not a begginer and can do most of the engine work. Why do you have to re-do the kill switch? Also it says to primer it after its on and there is no primer bulb? I think that ADA shoul re do the instruction to understand better
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    Yep, the instructions are incorrect. There is no primer bulb and there is no return line. So ignore those. Ignore the kill wire thingy too. Somehow, those instructions are pieced together from the GSR carb kit instructions. Someone must have been in a hurry! Gee, I don't know who that could have been
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      haha can you if you can send me how to use one and how to put ti on i no how to put on a carb its just i wont ot make sure thanks

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