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  • Crack Pipe!

    Hey all, I am looking for some input. I run an S2 on my GSR. Love the pipe, the performance out of it and the way it looks.

    Problem: I have two S2's, both have cracked near the header, one has been welded once, which changed the angle of the first bend and only fits on my SBF. fine. The second on my GSR has been welded 3 Times Now!!! GRRrrrr! Anyway, what do I need to do to mount this so it will stop cracking?

    Do I want a rigid pipe mounting system or do I want some rubber grommit like things incorporated into the mount to eat up some vibration? I won't mount it to my pull start like many are doing because that led to a cracked crank case and me paying for that to be replaced, matched and whatever else..... Should I use something like the rubber tube that came on my SBF to attach the pipe to the pipe mount on the cylinder and get rid of the metal collar like ring...??? - I am thinking the last one with a rigid mount and the rubber tube as the connector to the pipe mount...

    Help, thanks, I am tired of buying pipes and paying for welding as I do not have the tools or access to them, to do it myself. c
    Faster Please!