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Severed an ADA bigfoot pipe mount. special case, or reoccuring problem?

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  • Severed an ADA bigfoot pipe mount. special case, or reoccuring problem?

    i treat my bigfoot like gold. dont jump it or anything. hell, ive never so much as flipped the thing. after a day of riding at a friend's in horse country, i took a ride home (all paved roads) and noticed in the 5 minutes it took me to get from TF to my house, my pipe mount had compleetly cracked in half. the pipe was leaning up against the delrin scoop and melted a good chunk out of it. its a clean break too, no signs of bending or anything.

    i cant get a picture, as my camera took anoter swan dive into the asphalt. but i f someone were to provide me with a picture of a good mount, i could show you were it broke off.

    has anyone had this problem? i wouldnt think so, as ada is normally great with quality products, but i cant think of a legitimate reason on my part for this to have happened.

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    Product Warranty

    Don't forget, all of our products are guaranteed against defects in normal use. Now if you are out there doing cartwheels and your Ped is landing on the pipe.....well...but if it broke for no particular reason at all, you just need to follow the instructions on the site regarding processing a warranty claim. We also have a mount in steel for you tough guys!

    Warranty Page

    Steel bracket


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      thank you marv


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        i totally forgot about that warrenty
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