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ADA Suspension on Sikk-Bike

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  • ADA Suspension on Sikk-Bike

    From what i kno the forks are the same but would a set of ADA suspension fit onto a sikk bike. i need to kno

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    I don't believe they will as the head tube is much taller on the Sikk bike than on the Go-Ped?. So, the threaded tube sticking out the top of the fork wouldn't be long enough.
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      It can be done, and motoXscooters has done it. You will need to extened the nech tube on the fork by cutting the threaded peace off the stock fork and then welding that peace onto the new fork.


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        Possible Approach

        Someone called me and said that they were gooing to try and shorten the neck on the Sikk Bike to the same as the GoPed to make it work. We have had customers that lengthened the susp. It seems like it would be much easier to shorten the bike neck, but have not actually done it. Just an idea.